Setting up a Croogo 3 development environment

Posted by Marlin Cremers on Fri, Oct 09 2015 14:14:57

In this blogpost I'll explain how to set up a Croogo 3 development environment

Set-up a barebone CakePHP application

composer create-project cakephp/app croogo-app --stability dev --prefer-source

Configure Composer

In your composer.json you need to make the following changes:

  1. Change "minimum-stability": "stable" to "minimum-stability": "dev":  
  2. Include Croogo composer require croogo/croogo 3.0.*@dev
  3. Change the post-autoload-dump so it includes the Croogo ComposerInstaller:  
  4. Run dump auto-load composer dump-autoload

Set-up CakePHP

The next thing we'll need to do is configure CakePHP. This involves loading the necessary plugins and setting up a database.

Loading the plugins

bin/cake plugin load Acl --bootstrap
bin/cake plugin load Croogo/Core --bootstrap --routes

Setting up the databse

Now you'll have to configure the database for Croogo. This can be done in the applications config/app.php file.

You can find the Croogo 3.0 schema in this Gist (raw file).

Comment-out the default root route

Your application has a default route to / in routes.php in the config directory. Comment it out so that you can use Croogo's base route.

Set-up Croogo

Create a settings file in config called settings.json with the following content:


Code along

You should be able to access Croogo using your webserver. Croogo's source code can be found in vendor/croogo/croogo

Your username will be croogo, your password will be croogo as well

If you've got any questions or suggestions leave a comment