What is CVO Cloud?

CVO Cloud is a storage service in The Netherlands. It is a cloud based solution. Your files will be synchronized with our servers in the cloud. We offer cloud storage starting at €5,99 a month with a monthly cancelable contract.

How is my data stored?

Your data is stored in our datacenter in Alblasserdam. The data is safely stored on multiple servers. This make sure that your data is safely stored in a redundant way on our cluster. We also make sure that the data is encrypted, just like we make sure you data is never truly lost.

Can I store more?

Is 300GB of storage not enough? Do you have other wishes? Contact us for a custom package!

Can I use this as a backup?

All files stored in CVO Cloud are being backuped with snapshots. These snapshots register your edits or deletions. We can go back up to 30 days to get your files back. This means that if you are the victim of ransomware we can get your files back if you contact us within 30 days.

But do you have a real backup solution.

Ofcourse! We offer managed backup solutions to businesses and consumers. This means that your data can be synced around the clock from your NAS or storage server. We can use our storage cluster to backup your data or provide you with a custom solution. This means that you have more time to notice that a file has been deleted or changed. Click here to see more.


Description Price/month
100 GB € 4.95 excluding VAT.
200 GB € 9.08 excluding VAT.
300 GB € 12.39 excluding VAT.


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