Our servers are located in the tier III datacenter Dataplace in Alblasserdam. More information
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Our network consists of a mix of transit providers and provides a guaranteed uptime of 99,9%. More information
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Our racks are secured with a codelock are provided with redundant network and power connections.
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Services included with your server

Insight traffic

To measure networktraffic from your servers you will get access to our portal.

IPMI/iDRAC access

All our dedicated servers are provided with IPMI or iDRAC. This allows you to manage your server remotely.

Server and application monitoring

With access to our monitoringsystem you can monitor your servers free of charge. You can monitor at application levels.

Management via VPN

Our servers include a VPN that allows you to securely manage your servers.



Intel Core i3-530 - 2.93 GHz - 2 Cores - 4 Threads


2x 250 GB HDD




95 Percentile 10Mbit/s or 3 TB
Information on overuse




Out of stock


€ 39.99 excluding VAT.

Extra services

Hardware upgrade(s)

Extra storage or RAM for your dedicated servers starting at € 5,- a month.

More information

Extra IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Extra IPv4 addresses are available for € 1,50 a month per IPv4 address.
Extra IPv6 addresses are available for € 1,- a month per /48 IPv6 block.

Rate limiting and SYN flood protection

Rate limiting to protect your servers against HTTP floods for € 1,50 a month.
SYN flood protection for € 3,- per port per month.

More information


ACL rules to protect particular IPs or ports for € 1,- per rule per month.

More information